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Located near all the established amenities is the forest campground offering rentals for tents, tipis, bunkies, groups, & electric sites. As well, these sites are located closer to the amenities established by the previous owners.

Nestled further back into the park’s 268 acres is our Dark Sky Preserve – the first commercial preserve that the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada ever designated! Those looking to see the stars can rent one of our many meadow sites, the Milky Way Bunkie, or the coveted Stargazing Cabin.


The majority of our campsites are located within five minutes of these amenities:

  • Eco-friendly showers

  • Flush toilets

  • Summer kitchen

  • Dish-washing station

  • Office

  • Playground

  • Nature Center


We have at least 8 different types of accommodation from those that are fully off-grid (no power, no water, no service) to those who are looking for a little more comfort while naturally reconnecting.

Your search will yield many options to choose from and show all sites that fit your group and larger sites as well, should you desire more space. Keep these codes in mind when searching for availability as they precede each of the site names and will help you distinguish the available site's location and services:


  • FC: Forest Camping Site

  • FB: Forest Bunkie

  • RV: RV/Electric

  • FT: Forest Tipi

  • DS: DarkSky Camping Site

  • FSG: Forest Site - Group

  • DSG: DarkSky Site - Group

Check out the maps at bottom to help get a better idea on the location of the accommodation types:

Picture of a forest tent camp site

FC:    Forest  Camp  Sites 

Our forest camping is under the canopy of a hardwood forest, giving you a natural barrier against the rain, wind, and the neighbouring campsites. These are nestled in the cover of forest and strewn with songbirds.
Each site includes a Picnic table, Cooking table, a campfire pit & Parking for 1 vehicle. While the surrounding trees offer plenty of opportunities to string up tarps.

The majority of these campsites are located within five minutes of park amenities.

Starting From: $30/night

Sites: FC/ 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36

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Picture of a Tipi Site at Manitoulin Eco Park

FT  :     Forest  Tipi  Sites

Looking for a different camping experience with a little more comfort or an authentic, great plains-style tipi experience?


Experience deluxe tipi camping beside both the forest and the pond on comfortable foam sleeping pads.

Each tipi site has an interior and exterior fire circle, picnic table, and cook stand. No pets Allowed

Starting From: $130/night


Sites: FT/ 7, 9, 16

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tents in the dark sky preserve with red lights on

DS:    DarkSky  Camp  Sites

Our dark sky camping features truly untouched, private wilderness campsites that are situated in the fields and meadows of the Dark Sky Preserve in the interior of the park.


This area is accessible by private road, only a five-minute drive from the main campground, or campers can travel by foot through our trails to access the amenities that are unique to the main campground area.

Amenities in the DarkSky Tent Sites include picnic tables, cook stands, clean privy’s, a dishwashing station, and an eco-shower stall.


Also located in the Dark Sky Preserve is the Baden Powell grove, and a large picnic shelter.


The area boasts the darkest skies in Ontario and is perfect for astronomy. It’s also a great spot to hunt for fossils or spend some time birdwatching, or you can head out to explore our network of hiking trails. 

People planning to stay at a DarkSky Tent Sites should be aware that we have a NO WHITE LIGHT rule on the preserve. Any light has to be red in colour or covered in a red filtering material such as a red garbage bag or red plastic.

Staring From: $30/night

Sites: DS/ 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61

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picture of a forest bunkie at Manitoulin Eco Park

FB:    Forest  Bunkies 

There are 3 forest bunkies, located conveniently at the front of the campground.

These are designed to offer you that extra bit of comfort while you sleep.

Your site includes a double bed, and twin bunk beds, picnic table, cooking table, campfire pit, solar light & a broom & pan.

You will need to bring your own bedding with sleeping bags & pillows.

Starting From: $100/night

Sites: FB/ 4,5,6

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group camping site with 3 cars & 3 tents at Manitoulin Eco Park

FSG/DSG    Group  Sites

We have several group camping sites to choose from, both in our main forest camping area and in our Dark Sky Preserve. Depending on the site we can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 400 tents.


The sites are private and allow all members of your party to be on one site. 


We have lots of experience with groups of all sizes, our amenities will fit your needs and we even have activity packages available

Starting From: $150/night

Forest Group Sites: FCG/ 2, 3, 4

DarkSky Group Sites: DSG/ 1, 2, 3

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Milky Way Bunkie at the Dark Sky Preserve

DarkSky  MillkyWay Bunkie

One beautifully painted camping cabin is set up on the Dark Sky Preserve. The Milky Way Bunkie is perfect for 2 people that enjoy watching the night skies and would like a little extra peace and seclusion, as well a little more comfort than tents can offer. The Bunkie is fitted with two single beds inside, and outside there are two chairs, a picnic table, and a rustic end table.


You'll need to bring your own bedding (sleeping bag & pillow), cookware, lantern, & red lights for outdoor use. You will also need a propane or BBQ stove, as fires are not permitted.

DarkSky Preserve
 rules apply,  which means there is no white light or campfires allowed. 

Evening lights require red filters /

The Milky Way Bunkie is situated near a covered picnic area, an outhouse, and a large cube of potable water.

Starting From $110/night

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RV Electrical Site #1

RV :     RV / Electric  Sites

There are a small number of powered sites which can accommodate up to 30 ft and 40 ft RVs. Guests will have to back in to their site, pulling-through is not an option at this time. While there are no hook ups for water or sewage, each site does have its own private outhouse.

These sites are tucked into a treed area, and feature 15 amps of shared electricity. That means there is not enough power to use an air conditioner, or other high-consuming devices. Please research your amperage needs prior to booking.

Each site has a picnic table, cooking table and fire ring.  The hydro-electric sites are fantastic for families, as they are located nearest to the playground and mini putt.


The sites are also a three minute walk from the main amenities of the forest campground, including the;
office, store, flush toilets, hot eco showers, summer kitchen (BBQ, stove, sink), and potable water.


The wifi originates at the office, and will likely reach the hydro-electric sites.

Starting From: $60/night

Sites: RV/ 1, 2, 3

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DarkSky - Stargazing Cabin View

DarkSky  Stargazing Cabin

Our rustic wilderness stargazing cabin is located in the interior of our park in our Dark Sky Preserve.


Featuring a double bed, one set of bunk beds, one single bed, and a full-size couch with matching chair, the cabin sleeps 5 people.


It is fully insulated, which regulates the temperature and keeps you comfortable in all weather conditions.


There is a full-size stove top (no oven), camp lights which all run on propane, and the cabin is heated with an airtight wood stove with a glass door creating a warm glowing ambience. You will need to bring your own cooler as there is no fridge.


Eco-showers, a comfort station, our summer kitchen, and dish-washing station are available for use in main campground area (a five-minute drive from the cabin).

Water is available at water filling stations across the park.


There is a private privy on site which is kept spotless. All pots, pans, and dishes are supplied.


Please bring your own cooler(s), towels (dish and bath), pillows and sleeping bags.T


People planning to come to the Dark Sky Preserve to camp should be aware that we have a NO WHITE LIGHT rule on the preserve. Any light has to be red in colour or covered in a red filtering material such as a red garbage bag or red plastic.

Starting From: $150/night

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Search by Date

Check Availability

To check the availability of your favorite camp, tipi, or bunkie unit, please follow these instructions:

By default, the calendar will show availability for all units. 

  1. Look for the text "All Units" on the calendar.

  2. Click directly on the words "All Units" to reveal a dropdown menu.

  3. The dropdown menu will magically appear, displaying a list of available options.

  4. From the dropdown menu, select the name of the specific site you are interested in.

After selecting the desired site's name, the calendar will update to show the availability for that particular unit.

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