Our woods, photo from Shore Charnoe

RECONNECT TO your true nature

Want to reconnect to your true nature? 

Connecting with the natural world is one of the easiest pathways to get you there!

Come to Manitoulin Eco Park to camp in a landscape that is being tended to increasingly support and reflect the resilience of our ecosystem.


It’s not a secret that spending time in nature:

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • improves mood

  • improves immunity and reduces inflammation

  • promotes learning, social skills, and more...


Come stay at Manitoulin Eco Park, where we aim to regenerate cultural practices which:

connect us with ourselves, with one another, and with the land. 
How? By cultivating deep nature connection, holistic health, and peacemaking practices, in the context of treaty relationships with ancestral expertise. 
naturally reconnecting

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We love to make happy campers!


BUT, here are some things that we can't do anything about that might turn some into un-happy, grumpy, and complaining campers in which case...


please don't come >

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what  to  expect

If you’re looking for a place to hike, rest, and reconnect, or to learn more about camping, building campfires, living in a Tipi, or various other nature skills, then welcome!


Manitoulin Eco Park is the place for you…

Manitoulin Eco Park is a rustic, conservation-oriented, campground featuring forest campsites with more-than-the-usual privacy and WiFi accessible in common areas and by a few sites. plus we have open-field camping in our 360° dark sky preserve (particularly for astronomy fans).

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We are a quiet, family-friendly campground which welcomes the differently abled, with plans for sharing demonstrations of food, housing, waste management, and other regenerative and resilient practices. Not only do the owners and many staff members live on site but dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and ponies live on site too; your well-behaved pets are most welcome, and service dogs stay for free.

Our several unpowered bunkies are filled with bunks (not furnishings or decor) with space to sit, cook, and eat on the mini-porch or by the fire circle. Most camp sites are off-grid... meaning no power, no water, no connections. Don't worry, you're not fully disconnected as your phone will receive WiFi and reasonable cell signal near the office. Cell service varies by provider and location on the campground.


We have sites which accommodate trailers, but very few with access to power, and none with direct water or sewage hookups. The new Tipis (now moved to sunny sites better suited to their use) are traditional, and rental comes with training on how to get the comfort and air flow you desire. See the full description of the different types of accommodations and sites here.


Water from the main well (truly superior water quality) is available from a front gate tap, and a summer kitchen tap near the office. The water is treated by nature, and transported to keep water tanks filled in easier-access locations. Water locations are on the map.

While we do have a few flush toilets by the nature centre, many outhouses and port-a-potties service most sites. A kids playground, a Ninja course, and mini-putt are located by the main office. The hot showers operate by rope-pull, and we’re planning more ecosystem-friendly measures as we grow. 

The two summer kitchens are backup facilities for people new to camping, those who forget to bring stoves, to help when there are fire bans, and for travelers who are not equipped with full gear.  In other words, we’ll do our best to support you, but there may be line-ups if you don’t bring your own stove and cookware.

Further development of improvement programs and events are in the plans for the park.  Subscribe below for more information, or to fill the below form to make suggestions.

Check out our FAQ page for more useful information and details on our booking and cancelation policies.