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  • Admin Fees for Reservation Changes
    All guest-initiated modifications to an existing reservation will be processed with payment of the $10 administrative fee per request/per reservation.
  • I can't make my reservation - what now?
    1. Transfer your booking to other available same-year dates Because the Eco Park is breathtaking in all seasons! 2. Transfer your reservation to friends or family In either case we will issue a credit voucher worth 100% the value of your rental accommodation. Damage deposits and add-ons will be refunded. There will be no refunds if: • The total # of new nights is less than the original booking • The new dates are less expensive than the original • There will be less persons / pets / etc.
  • Dogs
    ✪ This is a family campground: dogs must be friendly, well-mannered ✪ On leash at all times (even on trails) - leash may be 6 ft maximum and non-retractable, please ✪ Please BYO compostable bags and dispose of responsibly ✪ Dogs must be with their humans at all times ✪ Written proof of up-to-date rabies inoculation signed and dated by a veterinarian must be produced for any dog if requested by staff ✪ No female dogs in heat allowed ✪ No guest companion dogs are allowed in tipis, yurts, the office, store, or community buildings, the mini putt course, or pool area. ✪ Companion Dogs ✪ Companion dogs and Emotional Support Animal dogs are welcome. They may access the Forest Campground, Dark Sky Preserve Campground, Astronomy events, and colour-coded hiking trails. ✪ Companion dogs incur a $5/night fee (on the Add Extra Options page while checking out) ✪ Companion dogs may stay in bunkies and cabins with an additional Dog Deposit (also on the Add Extra Options page). ✪ Service Dogs ✪ Welcome in ALL facilities and at all events. Per Ontario law, please bring the prescription letter from your medical professional. Service dogs stay free.
  • Deadline for Changing a Reservation
    In order to best serve our guests and allow us to keep the Eco Park operational, we have instituted a policy related to cancellations during Covid conditions. Guests may provide shorter than usual notice to change your dates, or transfer your reservation to friends/family. Changes can be made 72 Hours before 12:01 AM (00:01) of your scheduled arrival date. Here’s a handy calculator to figure out what day that is:
  • Cancellation / Refund Policy
    Complete payments are processed immediately upon reservation. •The payment is not-refundable. •The payment is non-creditable unless the guest submits their Reservation Change Request Form at least 72 hours before 12:01 am of the booked arrival day. •If a guest submits their Reservation Change Request Form within the 72 hour time frame: we regret to inform you that no credits or transfers will be given as we will be unable to rebook your campsite with such short notice. •No refunds or credits are issued for early departures for any reason. •No partial refunds or credits of non-refundable deposits are issued for changes in reservations that result in a lower overall cost. •No refunds or credits are issued due to guests being asked to leave after failing to adhere to the policies of the Eco Park. •Group Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Reservation Change Form
    Should you need to make changes to your booking our staff are happy to help! Little and big changes can be requested with this form:
  • Substance Use (Alcohol, etcetera)
    Manitoulin Eco Park is a family-oriented space. As such, any consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis must be confined to the outdoors at your individual rental site. All such items must be disposed of properly, either rinsed and placed in the appropriate recycle bins, or put out in designated receptacles. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis is not allowed inside tipis, cabins, or any other structures. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis is not allowed in any common outdoor or indoor spaces. All Astronomy and other Special Events are alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis-free.
  • What sites will fit my RV?
    Link to the RV Info Sheet
  • Are generators allowed?
    Please note guests may not use generators in the Eco Park.
  • Masks + Social Distancing
    According to the current health and safety guidelines for Ontario, when indoors all guests must wear effective MASKS: 2 layers of material covering from nose to chin and fitted to the face. If you do not have a mask that is sufficiently effective, you will be required to purchase such a mask from the camp store. Face Shields designed for safety are also acceptable. In the common green spaces, if you are 6 feet away from others, you do not need to wear a mask. Guests are required to maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE of 6 ft or more from people who are not part of your household/campsite group in all common spaces, indoors and out. To ensure this is possible indoors, we will be limiting the number of people inside each building at one time.
  • Check In
    Check-in: 2 PM + Check-in via Office: 2 - 6 pm Self Check-In: Wi-fi for self check-in (and anything else!): by the office you can access Happy Campers wifi, password-free Forest Campground Check-in ★ Forest campers can check-in any time after 2 pm, there is no gate ★ The office closes at 6 pm, so firewood cannot be purchased by late arrivals ★ Please do not bring firewood from off-island, as hidden bugs can/will decimate our delicate ecosystem. DarkSky Preserve Check-in ★ The gate is to be closed at sunset. If you arrive after sunset you must park in the events lot and hike your gear 6-12 minutes to your site ★ There is a no-white light policy in effect, making it very difficult to set-up in the dark
  • "What is the minimum night stay required?"
    For most of the season the minimum stay is 1 night. Due to demand, long weekends and the Perseids peak (August 12 - 21, 2022) the minimum stay is 2 nights.
  • What if I want multiple campsites?
    You can have as many campsites as you like. However, each campsite will require it's own booking. Creating an account as a member could make the process easier for you requiring to fill in less details for each booking. Please note that large groups of friends/family which anticipate being louder-than-normal, may prefer the privacy of a group campsite. Quiet Time on the campground is 10 pm (Jan 2022).
  • How many seasons are open for camping?
    MEP operates on a 3 season schedule Special events and programs will be available during all seasons ✪ Off-Peak Season ✪ May 13 - June 30 + September 1 - October 13 Entire campground is open Some events / programs ✪ Peak Season ✪ July & August Entire campground is open Maximum events / programs ✪ Cold Season ✪ February - April + November Only the Stargazing Cabin is available for rent Fewest events / programs
  • Potable Water (Drinking Water)
    Our water is required to be tested twice per season with the Manitoulin Public Health Labs – always with excellent results. ✪ Potable water is available at the front of the Eco Park for all guests. Running Water can be obtained from several locations: • the summer kitchen sink, • the outside tap on the side of the summer kitchen, • a tap in front of the keeper house’s fence. Those staying in the Dark Sky Preserve currently need to pack their running water in (a 5 min drive, 30 min walk). ✪ Giant water cubes are also present on our campground, in both the main campground and DSP. These are refreshed consistently. They are noted on our map with a different symbol than our running water.
  • Where To Buy Food Etc on the Island
    We are beginning to stock certain supplies as well as local arts and crafts in the Eco Park Store. Small general store: Tehkummah (5 min) Groceries & Pharmacy: Manitowaning (12 min) Groceries: Mindemoya (25 min) There are many Farmers Markets on the Island!
  • Shared Spaces + Sanitization
    Guests are required to bring their own COOKWARE: pots, pans and utensils to use in the summer kitchen area. All of our washroom facilities (both privies and flush toilets) are self-contained single person units with fully closed in walls. Flush toilets and comfort stations with hot and cold running water are located near the main office in the Forest Campground. We have privies (no flush) stocked with toilet paper and sanitizer scattered throughout our camping areas (Forest Campground and Dark Sky Campground) for your convenience. We have two eco shower stalls that are both individual self-contained units. The solar heated, pull-cord activated, eco showers are located in the main Forest Campground. Thorough cleaning is being done regularly in all of our common areas (eg. office, Nature Centre, washrooms, showers, and summer kitchen). Hand sanitizer will be available in these areas, as will eco-conscious cleaning supplies should you wish to wipe things down before you use the space.
  • Parking / Vehicles / Cyclists
    Forest Campsites allow for 1 vehicle. Additional vehicles can be parked in our main lot. Only cars and trucks may be parked in the parking lots (no RVs, trailers, etc.). If you would like to park your car in our lot while doing a cycling tour of Manitoulin Island, please e-mail the staff with details of your request.
  • Day-use Guests
    Day Pass ($5 ea.) Includes: Mini-putt Nature centre hiking trails summer kitchen (BBQs/stove tops) covered and uncovered picnic areas Astronomy Events Self-guided Night Pass ($10 ea.) *If there are NO astronomy events on the night you'd like to visit the Dark Sky Preserve*
  • Hydro-electric sites - Air Conditioning - RVs
    We have three Forest Campsites with Hydro-electric near the entrance available for reservation. These can accommodate campers/RVs up to 34 ft, with 30 amp shared electricity (NO air conditioning). Please note there are NO pull throughs, pump outs or hookups. Water can be obtained from our shared outdoor tap. Green Acres is up Hwy 6 and has a dumping station (plus a wonderful restaurant).
  • Wi-fi + Charging Stations
    The Wi-Fi Internet & Charging Station is located by the main office, the deck with vines, and the summer kitchen. It contains multiple charging ports for personal devices (BYO plugs/cords) as well as an internet network connection. You can check with the staff in the office for the Wi-Fi password. Please note we must limit the number of people in this area due to Covid. Bring your own cords and plugs please!
  • Noise Levels in the DSP
    The Dark Sky Preserve DSP includes campsites, the Stargazing Cabin and Milky Way Bunkie. We ask all visitors to respect that some overnight guests may be sleeping during Astronomy Events.
  • Does the DSP have flush toilets?
    There are no flush toilets in the DSP. Only off-the-grid outhouses. Please bring red light filtered flashlights for evening trips to the washroom.
  • Can I bring an RV or Roof Tent into the DSP?
    Certain DSP campsites can now accommodate smaller size RVs, Roof Tents, and tents. Please note your RV size / Roof Tent in your online booking request.
  • Can I have a campfire?
    We have installed one communal fire pit, right inside the entrance to the DSP (near the events parking lot). 5 min walk. Fires are not permitted in any other area of the DSP. Please purchase firewood at the office.
  • Can I use white light? Can I use my vehicle’s headlights?
    No white light allowed including no campfires or vehicle headlights. While we encourage campers and event participants to walk without artificial light as much as possible, as a safety measure please be sure to bring your own flashlights and/or headlamps with AMBER or RED filters sufficient to colour and significantly dim the light shining through (you can attach thin cloth or cellophane paper with tape). No laser pointers of any kind or strength (other than in use by our astronomy staff). Cell Phones should not be used as flashlights or for taking flash photos due to the white light, unless you have a red or amber smartphone ap installed to filter all light coming from the device. As a courtesy to others please keep your cell phone sound turned off at night. Camp stoves are not permitted to be used outside after sunset, as this is a source of white light.
  • Does the DSP have running water?
    The DSP has a large, refillable water cube (more info here). The map notes two areas on the main campground where you may refill your containers with running water. Our well water is drinkable/potable. (About a 5 min drive, 30 min walk from the DSP).
  • “Why are the campsites different prices?”
    ✪ The price is directly tied to the capacity of the campsite ✪ The price is NOT related to campground amenities or location ✪ Want to know more? ✪ Manitoulin Eco Park was purchased in 2021 by a group of friends who are passionate about encouraging access to nature. They noticed that the pre-existing campsites really differed in size. Some fit two people, some easily fit twelve! The new owners thought it would be fairest to price according to campsite size. This method allows us to offer our smaller campsites at the most affordable rate in ALL of Ontario.
  • "What is the ferry schedule?"
    The ferry schedule can be seen here: Operates: May 6th - Oct 16th 2022
  • Can I park at my campsite?
    Yes, if you arrive before the sun sets, you may park at your campsite. If you arrive late you may park in the events lot and make the 5 minute trek into the DSP.
  • Does the DSP have electricity? Generators?
    There is no hydroelectric in the DSP, nor are generators allowed.
  • Observation Field and Trees
    Most DSP campsites are under tree cover, which helps protect campers from lightning strikes. The amazing view of the sky is available from the Observation Field where trees have been cleared.
  • Types of Events
    Regular Astronomy Nights Stargazing Night Hikes Perseids Meteor Nights Perseids Night Hikes Small Group Astronomy Nights These and any other special events will be by advance registration only (no walk-ins or last minute sign-ups). We will have numbers capped lower than usual due to Covid19, so please plan to purchase tickets ahead of time.
  • Will there be an Aurora predicted during my visit?
    The short answer is: we do not know. The auroras are space weather. Science predicts an 11 year cycle of high / low activity. Specific aurora events are forecasted by monitoring the sun for solar flares and CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections). You can check out Aurora Tracking websites for more information.
  • When is the best time to see the Auroras?
    Strong auroras may be seen directly overhead in the DarkSky Preserve. Weaker auroras may be seen over the northern horizon. Travel websites list September thru March as the best opportunities to see the Auroras - with January and February being the best overall months. It is agreed the best time of night is midnight +/- 1 hour. The Stargazing Cabin is the sole rental available during the 2021-2022 winter season at Manitoulin Eco Park. Check it out in the reservation section if you're interested in visiting the DarkSky Preserve.
  • When can I see a Meteor Shower?
    Please load this awesome astronomy calendar:
  • Who Can Attend Astronomy Events?
    Everyone is welcome to attend an astronomy event, even if they are not camping with us. There is a parking lot beside the gates that off-site guests may use. It is a 6 minute walk into the DarkSky Preserve.
  • Is there a best time to stargaze?
    The sky is darkest during new moons, rather than full moons. Please load this awesome astronomy calendar:
  • Event Safety
    During all astronomy events, for safety all guests should stay with their guide and the group at all times. If you need to leave the event early for any reason, please be sure to notify one of the astronomy guides before you go.
  • Astronomy Events
    Events Calendar: -Anyone can purchase astro tickets, not just campers!
  • Can I purchase Astro tickets + my Camping reservation at the same time?
    Our events and site reservation systems are two separate systems. While you can purchase tickets & make reservations in the same session, you will be paying for each separately. Signing up for a member account (free), may make your booking process easier requiring you to fill less fields as you process each order. If you are making a reservation to stay at the Eco Park overnight, please book your reservation first.
  • Are there Aurora events?
    We will not have “Aurora” specific events at the moment, because in addition to the usual weather condition factors, the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis are in an extended period of lower activity.
  • Fires
    Due to the risk of transmission of arboreal diseases, and invasive/harmful species including insects, in order to ensure the continued health of the beautiful forest here we cannot allow outside firewood. Local firewood is available for purchase at the Store for $8/bundle, which you will need to transfer to your site along with enough water to put out the fire after each use. ate of usage varies, many guests opt for 1 bundle per night to start. Fires must be contained in designated areas and always supervised by an adult. Fires must be put out completely with water whenever you leave your campsite and at the end of the night. If there is a Fire Ban in place, at the end of your stay you can 1) donate your firewood fee to support the Eco Park and our programs 2) request a refund. To avoid white light, no campfires are allowed in the Dark Sky Preserve. Charcoal may be brought by guests for cooking purposes. Here are some tips for eco-friendly options: Conventional charcoal bricks are made of wood byproduct, sawdust, and lighter fluid (with nasty additives in there, too!). These bricks often release volatile compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere as they burn, too. An atmosphere-healthy option is the use of lump coal rather than traditional briquettes. A delicious flavor is obtained through the use of lump coal that is quite similar to charcoal. There are no additives or chemicals and barbecue lovers often opt for this alternative for grilling. This eco-friendly, green charcoal saves our forests, while releasing less gas and soot emissions. “Better” lump charcoal is sustainably sourced, organic, and all-natural, such as organic lump bamboo charcoal or coconut shell charcoal.
  • Eco-conscious Products
    For cleaning, we ask that all guests only use the eco-conscious cleaning supplies provided by the Eco Park for community use; these have been confirmed safe for children, staff, and other guests who are chemically sensitive, without harmful impact on the environment. We highly recommend scent free/eco-conscious personal care products be used while camping. We have found find they attract less insects, are more considerate of the environment, and tend to be kind to chemically sensitive neighbours. We intend to stock simple soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bug-spray, and backpack-suitable hand-sanitizer at the Eco Park Store; contact us in advance of your visit to confirm availability.
  • Guests with Special Needs
    We welcome guests with any special needs to reach out by phone or email to ask any questions and request accommodations that will make your visit to the Eco Park the best possible experience.
  • Reuse / Reduce / Recycle and Leave No Trace
    We ask guests to clean, then reuse and/or recycle whenever possible. We strongly encourage everyone at the Park to bring reuseable items, avoiding single-use plastics (eg. bags, containers, plates, utensils for food, beverages, water, etc.), styrofoam, and items that must be sent into landfills. We intend to have some reuseable supplies available in the Eco Park Store for you to purchase; contact us in advance of your visit to confirm availability. The proper bins for sorting between landfill items, recyclables, and compost are located in several convenient places throughout the Eco Park. Please help us keep the Eco Park beautiful for all to enjoy by leaving no litter on the land or in the water!
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