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🌿 Exciting Opportunities at Manitoulin Eco Park! 🌿


Are you:

  • Under 30? (Not our rules 😉)

  • A student or recently completed training or certification?

  • Interested in starting or building your career?

  • Are you ready for a summer adventure like no other? 

We're thrilled to announce exciting positions available at Manitoulin Eco Park & DarkSky! Thanks to generous student  grants, we're offering unique opportunities for students and recent graduates from all backgrounds to join our team and make a meaningful impact in nature connection, and regenerative practices. 

Why Join Us?

Experience Nature's Beauty: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of the Eco Park. For those coming from afar, camping on-site amidst nature's wonders is an option, allowing you to truly connect with the environment you'll be working to protect.

Learn and Grow: Develop valuable skills while working in a dynamic and supportive environment. Whether you're passionate about conservation, education, or outdoor recreation, there's something for everyone to learn and explore. Moreover, our job opportunities offer more than just a paycheck; they provide an invaluable opportunity to build a career in various fields, including conservation, tourism, education, astronomy, and more. Working here can lay the groundwork for a fulfilling career path. What's more, having this experience on your resume or portfolio stands out, showcasing your dedication to environmental stewardship and your firsthand experience in preserving and promoting the beauty of our natural world. We welcome applicants from all walks of life, and we're committed to providing mentoring and support to help you succeed, regardless of your background or experience.


Make a Difference: Contribute to real-world conservation efforts and make a lasting impact on the environment. Your work at the Eco Park will help preserve our natural heritage for generations to come.


Ready to Apply?

We encourage individuals from minority groups, First Nations members, and differently-abled individuals to apply. Even if you don't possess all the qualities mentioned in the job descriptions, your passion, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn are what matter most to us.

When submitting your application, include a cover letter that expresses your passions, hobbies, goals (both personal and career-oriented if you choose), and what you hope to learn from this experience.

We're here to provide mentoring and support every step of the way.

Natural Habitat Interpreter

In this multifaceted role, you will combine front desk responsibilities with leading interactive ecological tours, nature hikes, and astronomy presentations. You'll design engaging educational events and create supporting materials like signage, pamphlets, and e-newsletter articles. As a vital resource for our guests, you'll handle inquiries, manage ticket sales, and maintain our Community Nature Centre displays. This role also involves collaborating with marketing and grounds staff to enhance the park's educational offerings and ecosystem health. Ideal candidates are enthusiastic storytellers with experience in public education, a solid understanding of northern Ontario's ecology, and comfort with outdoor work in various weather conditions. Proficiency in basic first aid, digital tools, and customer service is required. Join us to provide enriching, inclusive experiences for our diverse visitors while enjoying the natural beauty of Manitoulin Island.


Arts and Recreation Leader

Combining grounds maintenance with engaging outdoor education. In this dynamic role, you’ll design and lead programs in outdoor recreation, nature connection, and arts and crafts for preschool and early elementary children. We value inclusivity and encourage applicants experienced in working with diverse groups, including children with special needs. Responsibilities include clear communication across multiple platforms, modeling respectful behavior, maintaining safety standards, and handling administrative tasks such as scheduling, registrations, and financial transactions. Basic First Aid & CPR certification is required, with Wilderness First Aid being a plus. Proficiency with digital tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and Wix is essential. If you're passionate about education, capable of clear communication, and enjoy working in a diverse and inclusive environment, we encourage you to apply. Applicants from minority backgrounds are highly welcomed.


Special Events Co-ordinator | Circle for Change Initiative

Exciting Collaborative Opportunities with our partner, The Circle For Change Initiative!


Explore the exciting role of Special Events Coordinator with our partner, The Circle For Change Initiative, and make a significant impact across Manitoulin Island. This role offers a dynamic blend of customer service, event coordination, and ecological education. You'll greet and guide guests at diverse locations, assist with large group events, and ensure our beautiful displays and facilities are always at their best. From managing ticket sales and helping set up equipment to supporting ecology events and maintaining trails, every day is an adventure. We're looking for someone who thrives in diverse, inclusive environments, with strong communication skills and a passion for experiential education in areas like astronomy and ecology. If you’re enthusiastic about providing exceptional service, tech-savvy, and physically capable, this role is for you. Visit our link to learn more about The Circle For Change Initiative and join us in creating unforgettable experiences for our community!


Nature Interpreter | Circle for Change Initiative

Dive into the natural wonders of Manitoulin Island as a Nature Interpreter with The Circle for Change Initiative! If you love blending education with the great outdoors, this role is perfect for you. You’ll craft and lead engaging ecological tours, adapting your approach for diverse, mixed-age groups while ensuring everyone’s safety. Your creativity will shine as you develop educational materials and multimedia presentations, keeping our guests informed and entertained, rain or shine. With responsibilities ranging from answering public inquiries to managing event ticket sales, you’ll be the go-to expert on local ecology and our programs. 



Get ready to embark on a summer journey filled with learning, growth, and meaningful connections at Manitoulin Eco Park and beyond!


For those joining us from a distance, camping at the park for the summer is an option, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience amidst nature's wonders.

Apply now and seize the chance to make a difference in both environmental conservation and community development

Send your resume and cover letter, attached as a PDF and address Kati with the subject line 'Application' [your name]' to

Feel free to apply for any or all positions. But we’ll only hire you for one ;)

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