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A Learning your Nature Production

5 Day Event

using the spoon he made
Spoon Carving
Shelter 2
Shelter 3
Pouch Making
Family camp
Bowl Making 2
Bowl Making
Friction Fire
The Team

Reconnect to the wonders of nature with your family at Learn your Nature, a 5-day family camp running on Manitoulin Eco Park & DarkSky with schedules below.

Immerse yourselves in the breathtaking wilderness of the Manitoulin Eco Park & DarkSky, where unforgettable experiences await you at every turn. 

From heartwarming encounters with adorable creatures to marveling at the expansive starry skies, this camp is designed to bring your family closer together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

At Learn your Nature, we believe in catering to the unique interests and talents of every family member. 

Adventure seekers can embark on thrilling tracking expeditions, while budding fire tenders can learn the art of starting fires safely. 

For those who seek the art of survival, shelter making workshops will provide a sense of security, and the crafty ones can indulge in the art of spoon carving. And let's not forget our snuggly types, who will delight in the company of adorable bunny rabbits.

No matter your nature, you and your children will find your place to shine at Learn your Nature. We value each individual's talents and ensure that they are seen and appreciated. 

With support from our experienced facilitators and volunteers, caregivers can join in the fun, create cherished memories with their kids, and strengthen family bonds through campfire cooking, crafting adventures, and thrilling explorations.

Welcome to Manitoulin Eco Park... Naturally Reconnecting 

Book your family's unforgettable adventure now!

Family Camp Event Dates

Learning your Nature

Take steps off the beaten track to strengthen your family bond while deeply connecting to yourself, each other and Nature.


After the week of parenting circles, I am leaving with a practical tool kit that will significantly improve our family interactions. That paired with experience in watching my children, learn, succeed, and thrive at new activities has made this the most worthwhile experience we have ever done as a family!

- Rachel, New York, 2023

It’s fun, but very busy. Everything is optional, though, so you can set your own pace. Be flexible; things don’t always go to plan or to schedule.

-Ashley, Ontario, 2023

This is wonderful, life changing experience.

- Junkai Ontario, 2023

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