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So you wanna be an Elder?

"So you wanna be an elder?" is our program for those on the journey to  Becoming Elders, Supporting Elders Journey's and How Elders can Support Projects and Communities.

Follow the below instructions to get yourself registered:


Create or Sign in to Your Account

Log In to Connect With Members
View and follow other members, leave comments & more.

First you will need to have created an account on our website in order to allow you access to the members' are of our website.

If you see your name on the left (or above on mobile), you're already logged in... you can proceed to Step 2 below.

- If you don't see your name, click on the Log In button... a window will pop up prompting you to create your account by entering your email address or using your Gmail account. If you create your account using your Gmail, you will have to use that in the future to log in.

- Already a site member? Select  "Log In" from the top of the pop-up window to log in using your email & password or via linked gmail account.

After doing the above step, refresh this page and make sure you see your name on the left before proceeding to Step 2


Subscribe to the Elders Journey program 

This gives us permission to email you  with updates, add access to new material, programs events and support  material while you're a member. Joining is free but mandatory for seamless access to our program, material and the program's discussion group.  You may be asked to confirm payment, which is at $0, please proceed by completing the process... you will not be charged or billed anything and the program is FREE but donations are welcome.


Subscription to online 4 week program


Join Program

Now that you're a site member and a subscriber,  you will have access to "So you wanna be an Elder?" online program. However, due to privacy rules that vary by country, you still have to opt-in to the program and click the "Join" button on the left...  Go to the bottom of the program page and click "request to join"... go ahead and click that and one of the admin's will make sure your request is looked after.


Join the Discussion Group

While this is optional, it's a good way to connect with other members, share thoughts, ask question and more. A link to this discussion group is available from the online program and can be accessed at any time, even if you don't chose to join now

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