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Arts and Recreation Leader

Are you ready to lead the charge in fun and adventure at our beautiful Eco Park? As our Arts and Recreation Leader, you'll blend the joys of outdoor education with the creativity of arts and crafts. Picture yourself guiding eager preschool and early elementary kids through exciting programs in nature connection, outdoor play, and artistic exploration. We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic leaders who can bring out the best in every child, especially those with diverse needs and backgrounds.

In this role, you'll be more than just a guide; you’ll be a mentor, a communicator, and a community builder. From coordinating activities and running errands to fostering a safe and inclusive environment, you'll play a key part in making every day at Eco Park memorable. You’ll handle everything from emails and social media to creating schedules and processing payments, ensuring our programs run smoothly.

Got First Aid & CPR skills? Great! Wilderness First Aid? Even better! Tech-savvy with Google,  Microsoft Office, and up for learning new tools like Square and Wix? You’re just who we need! Plus, if you can lift a little weight and speak a second language, that's a bonus.

We celebrate diversity and strongly encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply. So, if you’re ready for a role that mixes fun with responsibility, and you’re eager to inspire young minds while embracing the great outdoors, come join our team and make a difference every day!


and Qualifications

Combination of grounds maintenance and participation in outdoor education.


  • Assist in designing programs and provide instruction in outdoor recreation, nature connection, arts/crafts activities at our beautiful Eco Park for mixed age groups of preschool & early elementary school aged children.

  • Preference will be given to candidates who have training for and/or proven experience in teaching within an inclusive, mutually supportive group including children with special needs and children of a variety of racial/ethnic heritages.

  • Communicate via email, phone, WhatsApp, website chat, social media messaging, as appropriate. 

  • Model compassionate communication and mutually respectful behaviour.

  • Provide consistency with safety expectations and protocols (physical, emotional, social).

  • Tend to basic administrative tasks: create schedule of programs, register participants, collect waiver forms, process any applicable payments, maintain accurate paper and digital records (eg. contact info, attendance, accident reports, fee transactions). 

  • Run errands related to the Arts & Recreation Programs


  • Certification in Basic First Aid & CPR required. Wilderness First Aid certification encouraged.

  • Fluency with Google (esp. Gmail, Drive, Calendar), Microsoft Suite (esp. Word, Excel, Powerpoint), WhatsApp on smartphone.

  • Fluency with or ability to quickly learn use of Square for financial transactions and Wix for website related tasks related to the position.

  • Preference for individual able to lift up to 60bs/27kg, but accommodations are possible 

  • We appreciate staff with aptitude for languages in addition to English.

  • Able to engage in clear communication with other staff, community members, and the public, including participating in conflict transformation.

  • Driver’s license preferred, but not required

  • Applicants of minority identities are encouraged to apply.


Please send your resume and cover letter, attached as a PDF and address Kati with the subject line ‘Summer Job Application [Your Name]’ to
Please feel free to apply for any or all positions. But we’ll only hire you for one ;)

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