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Embark on an Authentic Winter Adventure at Manitoulin Eco Park & Dark Sky!


Discover the magic of winter camping in our heated cabin, cozy tipis with indoor fire pits, or the legendary Star Gazing Cabin with a warm wood stove. For seasoned winter campers, we offer traditional camp sites. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking Northern Lights – a haven for Aurora Hunters.

Unleash the explorer in you!

What to Expect:

  • No blackflies, mosquitoes, deerflies, horseflies, or snakes

  • Incredibly clear and refreshing air 

  • Great night sky viewing (clear air, long nights)

  • Superlative wildlife tracking

  • Peace and Quiet

We will be marking a designated section of one of our private trails which you are welcome to explore during your stay. The rest of the Eco Park including the trail system is closed to the public for the cold season.  

What is NOT Available: 

  • Housekeeping

  • Prepared Meals

  • Indoor bathrooms / showers / plumbing

  • Electrical Outlets

  • WiFi or wired internet


What to Bring:

  • sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows

  • food & beverages

  • cooler + ice, if needed (no fridge or freezer provided)

  • newspaper for igniting the woodstove fire (no accelerants or outside firewood permitted)

  • lanterns for light after sunset inside the cabin

  • camp chairs for outside

  • orange vest or jacket and hat if hiking

  • anything else for your comfort & safety


For safe hiking in this wilderness area at this time of year: 

1) bring your own bear bells
2) bring a backpack to hold over your head and make yourself look large
3) avoid hiking at or after dusk/sunset due to bush wolves

Also please note that during the cold season the pricing reflects substantial additional costs for snow plowing to allow guests’ vehicles access out to this private wilderness area, maintenance of the cabin including Covid level cleaning, a significant increase in firewood processing and stocking, and cooking/baking/BBQ propane the cost of which has tripled

Local food-marts and hardware stores are within 20 min. drive to purchase perishable food items, as well as any needed outdoor equipment or supplies forgotten. Please research store locations & hours in advance.


Stargazing   Cabin


Come stay in our rustic, insulated, wilderness Stargazing Cabin, right inside the DarkSky Preserve!

Local firewood is pre-stocked in the Stargazing Cabin's Wood Shed ✪ Featuring a double bed • One set of bunk beds • One single bed • Full-size couch + Chair • Fully insulated, for any weather conditions • Full-size stove top + oven • Propane camp lights • Heated with an airtight wood stove • No fridge • Private outhouse on site • All pots, pans, and dishes are supplied • Please bring your own towels, pillows and sleeping bags • 5 Gal jugs are prefilled with water for your arrival (refilling can be done in the DSP, or at the main amenities)

What is available:

  • Spectacular views of the night sky in our RASC-designated DarkSky Preserve

  • 5-gallon jugs of potable water

  • Woodstove for heat (you are responsible for starting and tending the fire safely: only wood from MEP and newspaper may be used, no accelerants)

  • Propane BBQ (outside)

  • 4-burner Propane Stove & Oven (inside cabin)

  • Kitchenette includes: pots, pans, cooking utensils; 4 sets of: dishes, bowls, and eating utensils

  • Dining table & chairs

  • Raised sleeping beds: 1 Double, 1 Single, 1 Bunk Bed (with 2 Singles) 

  • Private Outhouse

  • Outdoor cigarette ash receptacle

  • Local firewood is pre-stocked in the Stargazing Cabin Wood Shed

    ~NO cutting or gathering of additional wood from MEP land is permitted, due to current environmental research in progress.
    ~NO outside firewood or kindling may be brought into MEP to avoid arboreal disease transmission.

This cabin is non-smoking, and all DarkSky Preserve rules must be adhered to, including: NO WHITE LIGHTS allowed. Any light has to be amber/red in colour or covered in an amber/red filtering material such as fabric or cellophane paper.IN THE COLD SEASON:  All guests must come in a vehicle with 4 wheel/all wheel drive and snow tires to drive back to the Dark Sky Preserve and park at the Stargazing Cabin in the cold season.



FC4 - Otter Cabin

✨ Unplug and Embrace Winter at Our Cozy Off-Grid Cabin ✨

Step into the serenity of Manitoulin winters with our charming two-story camping cabin—no power, just pure warmth and comfort. Nestled in the heart of our forest camping area, this unique retreat boasts a private wooded campsite complete with a picnic table and campfire pit. As our honored guest, you'll enjoy complimentary access to our open trails and the celestial wonders of our Dark Sky Preserve.

Unplug from the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary at our off-grid cabin, where simplicity meets winter bliss.

Additional Features:
🛌 Accommodates up to 6 guests: 1 double bed, 1 double pullout, and 1 set of bunk beds
🔆 Illuminated by a solar light for a cozy ambiance
🚗 Convenient onsite parking for 1 car

Please Note:
🛏️ Guests are encouraged to bring their own bedding, towels, and cookware for a personalized touch.
🚽 Outhouse access only—experience the rustic charm with no running water or washroom/shower facilities for winter rentals.



Traditional   Tipi



❄️ Embrace the Great Outdoors in our Traditional Tipis!


✨ Nestled in the heart of nature, our winter camping experience is tailor-made for seasoned adventurers. Be prepared for a short hike or snowshoe, depending on Mother Nature's whims.

🔥 Your cozy tipi awaits, featuring an Exterior and Interior Fire Circle for ultimate comfort and warmth. Firewood is included in the price, ensuring a toasty stay amid the winter wonderland.

🚫 Please note: No dogs allowed in the tipis, and we operate off the grid with no power. Bring your own bedding, towels, and cookware for a truly self-sufficient escape.


🌲 Immerse yourself in the wilderness with free access to our open trails and Dark Sky Preserve. Experience the magic of the outdoors with air, weather, and smoke flaps, along with a picnic table, chairs, and a cookstand for your convenience.

🚽 For winter rentals, we provide outhouse access only—no running water or washroom/shower facilities.

**Additional Features:**
- Cookstand
- Fire Pit
- Off-Grid Living
- Picnic Table
- Pond Views
- Table for Campfire Delights


🛌 BRING EXTRA BLANKETS AND MATS for added comfort from the chilly ground and surroundings. Watch our "How to Be a Happy Camper in a Tipi" video for insider tips:

Escape to nature's embrace—book your winter retreat now and unlock the secrets of a truly wild experience! ❄️🌲🔥




Forest campground entry arch with camping sign.jpg


🏞️ Attention seasoned adventurers! Read carefully before reserving your spot in our winter wonderland. Be ready for a short hike or snowshoe, depending on the whims of the weather.

🌲 For winter camping enthusiasts, we present private sites boasting picnic tables, and campfire pits amidst the serene beauty of nature. As a bonus, all overnight guests enjoy complimentary access to our open trails and Dark Sky Preserve.

🏕️ Please note: Bring your own winter-ready tent, bedding, towels, and cookware. Embrace the rustic charm with outhouse access only; no running water or washroom/shower facilities for winter rentals.

🔥 Base price includes accommodation for 3 guests, with a maximum capacity of 4.

Amenities: 🔥 Fire Pit 🌐 Off-Grid 🍽️ Picnic Table

Experience the magic of winter camping like never before!

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