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Stargazing   Cabin

Come stay in our rustic, insulated,

wilderness Stargazing Cabin,

right inside the DarkSky Preserve!

To book, please contact us on:

What is available:

  • Spectacular views of the night sky in our RASC-designated DarkSky Preserve

  • 5-gallon jugs of potable water

  • Woodstove for heat (you are responsible for starting and tending the fire safely: only wood from MEP and newspaper may be used, no accelerants)

  • Propane BBQ (outside)

  • 4-burner Propane Stove & Oven (inside cabin)

  • Kitchenette includes: pots, pans, cooking utensils; 4 sets of: dishes, bowls, and eating utensils

  • Dining table & chairs

  • Raised sleeping beds: 1 Double, 1 Single, 1 Bunk Bed (with 2 Singles) 

  • Private Outhouse

  • Outdoor cigarette ash receptacle

  • Local firewood is pre-stocked in the Stargazing Cabin Wood Shed

    ~NO cutting or gathering of additional wood from MEP land is permitted, due to current environmental research in progress.
    ~NO outside firewood or kindling may be brought into MEP to avoid arboreal disease transmission.

What is NOT Available: 

  • Housekeeping

  • Prepared Meals

  • Indoor bathrooms / showers / plumbing

  • Electrical Outlets

  • WiFi or wired internet

What to Bring:

  • sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows

  • food & beverages

  • cooler + ice, if needed (no fridge or freezer provided)

  • newspaper for igniting the woodstove fire (no accelerants or outside firewood permitted)

  • lanterns for light after sunset inside the cabin

  • camp chairs for outside

  • orange vest or jacket and hat if hiking

  • anything else for your comfort & safety

Local food-marts and hardware stores are within 20 min. drive to purchase perishable food items, as well as any needed outdoor equipment or supplies forgotten. Please research store locations & hours in advance.


This cabin is non-smoking, and all DarkSky Preserve rules must be adhered to, including: NO WHITE LIGHTS allowed. Any light has to be amber/red in colour or covered in an amber/red filtering material such as fabric or cellophane paper.

IN THE COLD SEASON:  All guests must come in a vehicle with 4 wheel/all wheel drive and snow tires to drive back to the Dark Sky Preserve and park at the Stargazing Cabin in the cold season.  


We will be marking a designated section of one of our private trails which you are welcome to explore during your stay. The rest of the Eco Park including the trail system is closed to the public for the cold season.  


COLD SEASON WILDLIFE PRECAUTIONS: for safe hiking in this wilderness area at this time of year: 

1) bring your own bear bells
2) bring a backpack to hold over your head and make yourself look large
3) avoid hiking at or after dusk/sunset due to bush wolves


Winter Rates: $250/night
  • includes firewood for woodstove and propane for oven, stovetop, and BBQ Grill

  • Maximum 5 people (all ages)

  • Refundable Security Deposit of $75 required for all bookings

  • Companion Dogs $5 per dog per night


The park is offering these cold season rentals as a fundraiser to support improvement expenses so we can offer programs for elders, at-risk youth, special needs adults and kids.

This new website tells more of that story of our vision and mission for the Eco Park as a centre of accessible learning and healing through nature connection.

Also please note that during the cold season the pricing reflects substantial additional costs for snow plowing to allow guests’ vehicles access out to this private wilderness area, maintenance of the cabin including Covid level cleaning, a significant increase in firewood processing and stocking, and cooking/baking/BBQ propane the cost of which has tripled as of November 2021

Book Below or Connect with us on:

“The provincial government’s “staycation tax credit” is now in effect for Ontarians who plan getaways within the province this year…the credit aims to boost local business by offering people who book overnight stays in Ontario for anytime in 2022 a return of 20 per cent on accommodation expenses of up to $1,000 per person or $2,000 per family.”

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